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REOPENING for new orders in 15 days and 6 hours for 2020 Due Dates

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Full Fursuits
Full Fursuits without padding include: custom fit body, head, handpaws, feetpaws, and tail. Full Fursuits start at $4,000+
Full Padded Fursuits
Full Fursuits with body padding can include: digitigrade leg padding, chest abs/pecs, feminine padding, oversized padded "up" style tails, etc. Full Fursuits with padding start at $4,600+
Partial Fursuits
Partial fursuits include head, handpaws, feetpaws, and tail. Optional full-length arms and legs are also available. Partial Fursuits are not available for this order opening.

Limited slots will be available for 2020 completions:

FWA 2020 BLFC 2020 AnthroCon 2020 Eurofurence 2020 Midwest Furfest 2020 I have none planned

We will OPEN for new orders: April 6, 2019.

To begin the order process please fill out the form below. If your commission is accepted for this round of orders, you will receive a price quote and info via email on how to claim your slot in our queue. Only a limited number of orders will be accepted.

To reserve your commission slot once a price quote has been issued, a 30% nonrefundable deposit is required, with the remainder paid month of completion. We also offer flexible payment plan options, which allow you to pay in installments.

If you have any questions, please email us at:

The order form is currently deactivated until our next reopening on April 6th, at which time the form will open for new order/quote submissions.

We will reopen in 15 days and 6 hours.

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Height: *

Please enter your height in feet and inches.

Weight: *

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Date of Birth: * / /

Please enter your birthdate, you must be over the age of 18 to place an order.

Character Species: *

Canine, Feline, Reptile, etc.

Costume Type: *

Full Body Options:

If selecting a Full Fursuit, please specify one of the above options or explain below if you believe your type of padding is not listed. If no padding is desired, please choose the first option.

Partial Fursuit Only Options:

Extras and Options:

Please note, these items are all an additional charge to our standard features.

Describe your Character/Design, please include coloration/pattern info if no artwork is provided: *

Please submit artwork that best demonstrates your character's design. We don't require artwork, but it is highly recommended.

Desired Completion Date: *

Please specify your desired completion date for your fursuit. You may also choose no preference if you do not have a convention/deadline in mind. Selecting a specific deadline does not guarantee completion by that date, but we will do everything possible to meet your deadline.

Conventions Planned:

If you are attending a convention and would like your fursuit to be completed in time for the event, please specify all cons you plan to attend. Please keep in mind selecting a con does not automatically guarantee completion by that date, but we will attempt to meet your desired deadline if at all possible.

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If you have any questions, please email us at: