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Terms of Service & Frequently Asked Questions


Payment Info

A 30% nonrefundable deposit is due up front to reserve your slot on our commission list. The remainder is due month of completion. We accept a wide variety of payment methods, including: Paypal (credit/debit), Check, or Money Order.

Payment Plans

We offer some of the most flexible payment plans available. Full information on our payment plans is included in our quote email when you submit the order form. If it's more convenient for you or you do not have the full 30% deposit saved up, a payment plan may be the best option for you! We leave it up to you to determine the increment amount that best fits your budget, and you may send in incremental payments as often as you like. Once the 30% nonrefundable portion of the deposit is reached, you may continue sending in small payments or wait until month of completion to pay off your order.

Order Openings

During times when our order form is closed, we are hard at work on commissions that were placed at previous order openings. We only open once or twice a year for new orders, this allows us to keep our wait times shorter from commission to completion. Every aspect of our fursuits is 100% custom made, this takes time and no costume is ever rushed in keeping with our high quality workmanship.

Shipping Info

We ship worldwide. Shipping is not included in the quoted price of your fursuit, the shipping total is calculated when your costume is complete for accurate weight and box size. We prefer to ship USPS, but can ship any carrier you desire if you prefer UPS or FedEx. Sometimes we can offer convention delivery of your suit. Con delivery is normally cheaper than shipping since we can combine multiple deliveries for one con, ask us if this option may be available for your completion.

Work in Progress Updates

We send several work in progress photos and email updates to you during construction. We send these at certain milestones during the process only, and final photos when your fursuit is complete.

Ordering Info

We are only open for new fursuit orders at set dates we announce during the year, during that time our order form is active and can be submitted for your custom price quote. Commission slots are always limited and we tend to fill up very quickly; orders submitted early have the highest probability of acquiring a slot in our queue. Due to high demand we cannot accept all orders. Our goal is to take only a small number of new commissions each opening to help keep our wait times reasonable.

Convention Deadlines/Due Date

Orders accepted during our opening are for completion during a general timeframe we specify to you at the time of ordering, normally about a year, guaranteed due dates incur an additional cost. For those seeking an exact deadline for completion by a specific convention date, we offer a con guaranteed completion option for an additional fee which varies based on availability. Guaranteed convention deadlines are always limited, so please keep this in mind when selecting your due date that it does not necessarily guarantee completion by that date until we confirm with you the guaranteed slot is available. We will keep you up to date on when to expect completion.


Our fursuits come with a full one year warranty. We guarantee our workmanship and offer a complete warranty on the fursuit for the first year from the date of completion. After a year, we still cover repairs for a fee based on what work is needed. The only repairs not covered under warranty are damage caused by abuse or normal wear and tear. Should you ever have an issue with your fursuit, please contact us via email at to discuss your repair. We are always happy to help resolve or discuss any issue you may have.

Faux Fur

We use only the highest quality faux furs available, many of the furs we use are available for purchase directly through Howl Fabric. We stock a very extensive amount of fur fabric from many different manufacturers and suppliers, this allows us to match very rare and difficult to find fur colors and types for your costume. We select the best fur to fit each project based on your character design, we can also consult with you on our selection of fur if asked in advance of construction.

New Fursuit Parts for Return Customers

If you have ordered from us before and desire new/replacement parts to match your current suit from us, please email us for a price quote for your order. We are always OPEN for small part orders for return customers.

Other Questions?

These are some of the most common questions we receive, but if you don't see your question covered here, please feel free to email us: